Logistikstrategien Berater im Raum Switzerland, Frankreich, Deutschland
Supply Chain Management, SCM Consulting, Logistikstrategieberatung, Logistikmediation
Logistikorganisation, Organisationsberatung Logistik, Logistikgutachten

Areas of Consulting

Range of consulting expertise at a glance: Strategy, Organisation and Implementation at top management level, but with knowledge about crucial details


Development of company-wide, division-based or market-oriented logistic strategies to support sales and profit targets as well as to assure competitiveness


  • Logistics audit & assessment
  • Definition and optimisation of service offerings and service level
  • Logistics as a core competence / Make-or-Buy strategy
  • Automation and digitisation strategies
  • Distribution, production and supply networks
  • Standardisation of supply chains
  • Central and regional warehouse concepts
  • Functionalities and allocation of stocks within the network


Support in developing and optimising the cross-sectional function of Logistics / Supply Chain Management - with the aim of yielding profits from its interaction with market/product-orientated, regional or functional units


  • Process structure & process ownership
  • Organisational structure: tasks, competencies, responsibilities
  • Inventory–management, responsibility, planning and optimisation
  • Network strategies & rules
  • Outsourcing models, 3rd party contracts & payment schemes
  • Service Level Agreements (internal/external)
  • Supply chain performance indicators & controlling


Preparation of realisation and roll-out phase as well as temporary execution of project and management tasks


  • Design of a masterplan for logistics
  • Implementation planning & roll-out
  • Support of logistics outsourcing (specification, tendering, negotiation, contracting)
  • Project management / programme management
  • Change management
  • Executive coaching
  • Interim management