Logistikmediation Mediator Logistik
Supply Chain Management Berater
Logistikstrategien Logistikprojektmanager, Logistikgutachten

Working Together

Various conceivable roles for the consultant: All of them will be tailored to your individual requirements and conditions – focused on the target of the advice

Consulting in Projects

You seek guidance and specialist or methodical input for a planned or running project affecting of logistics / Supply Chain Management. You wish to support your team and achieve high quality results.


You will take up a leading position in logistics / supply chain management. You are going to manage a challenging project. You are planning to re-design your SCM. Your department is facing major changes. Against this background you would like to be accompanied by an experienced and skilled partner at eye level.

Second Opinion

You wish to get a substantiated and reflected opinion on a problem: You have worked on a project, perhaps supported by a consultant, service provider or supplier. The results gained will have far-reaching consequences for your Supply Chain and your business processes. Implementation will bring great opportunities as well as serious risks. You need maximum confidence before making your decision.

Advisory Member of Project/Programme Board

You have set up a special logistic programme or even a complete project programme that has to be an absolute success. You look for additional skills and experience from within your board to monitor the project, approve milestones and make the necessary corrections.

Interim Manager

To bridge a vacancy in a project or in logistics management you are looking for a professional as an interim manager who will seamlessly transfer the task at the end.

Cooperation with Business Partners

If required, and in consultation with you, projects can be carried out in co-operation with further consulting partners.